Friday, February 19, 2010

Eating In Challenge

Okay readers, this is a cool challenge for everyone and I hope it will be inspirational.  Next week is "Eating In" week.  That means for seven days, I'm going to eat in (or bring my own food) for all my meals.  Author and New Yorker, Cathy Erway pledged strictly to eat in or take her own food for two years while living and working in New York City.  I am in awe of such discipline!  She chronicled her food adventures on her blog, Not Eating Out in New York:  Consuming Less, Eating More.  Now she has published a book, The Art of Eating In, that expands on the subject of not eating out and includes some delicious looking recipes.

So, I'm signing onto the week of eating in.  We're going to get our grocery list together and go shopping!  I'm not much a menu planner, but I am going to at least think 12 hours ahead this week so we'll be prepared.  I challenge you to join us!  Just click on the link below to get started.

The Week of Eating In 

And to learn more about The Art of Eating In, watch the author's short video here.

Okay, I'm getting organized and plan to blog about my Eating In adventures next week. If you participate in this challenge, please let me know how it goes, what you cook and what you missed.

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